Maintenance Solutions

We present you with a number of services designed to transform your pool in a range of manners. From mosaic refurbishment to all-rounded equipment maintenance.


We offer a number of repairs on swimming pool accessories. From leakage to pump and filter repairs, we do it all.


With Poseidon Pools you can get a number of refurbishments done to your pool. We refurbish mosaics and paint.


Our servicing solutions encompass sand and DE filter servicing, pump services and even pool water cleansing solutions.


We can present you with pool resizing solutions as well. This service is ideal for anyone who is looking for smaller or larger swimming pools..


Our finishing solutions include a number of options which our clients can choose from. We offer tiling, painting, liner, mosaic or fibreglass finishing.


We offer water chemical testing along with leak detection services. Our general maintenance solutions are designed to ensure that your pool is up to standard.

Other Services

Our expert team can present you with a range of services and solutions in relation to swimming pool repairs, design and construction.


We offer a number of repairs on swimming pool accessories. From leakage to pump and filter repairs, we do it all.


Has your pool seen better days? Worry not. We at Poseidon Pools can present it with the upgrade that it needs to revert it back to its glory days.


We can present you with a selection of products designed to manipulate temperatures. Our sauna solutions include insulating materials and temperature control equipment.

Salt Chlorinators

Salt chlorinators are ideal for anyone who is looking to be rid of chlorine water and shift to salt water in their swimming pool.

Steam Generators

Our choice of steam generators are ideal for any sauna or steam room. These generators come with a range of safety features.

Filter Cleaners

Pool filters are there to keep your swimming pool water clean. We can present you with a range of filters and maintenance services.

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Our choice of swimming pool chemicals are designed to present you with a clean and safe swimming pool for both commercial and residential uses.


This chemical is often used to keep swimming pools free from harmful bacteria that can be hazardous to humans.

Chlorine Stabilisers

This compound will present your pool with longer-lasting chlorine. This chemical is generally used in conjunction with chlorine.


We offer our clients a choice of algaecides designed to control algaes in your pool. This chemical will kill all pool algae.


These polymers coagulate tiny particles in your pool, turning them into small clumps that can be easily removed by filters.


This strong cleaner is ideal to use if your pool is filled with small floating particles that need to be clumped and vacuumed.


The acids we hold in our shop are designed for a myriad of uses, including pH balancing, and to raise or lower your alkalinity levels.

Maintenance Tools

Pools need a range of tools and supplies in order for them to function properly. From filters to cleaning supplies, check out our maintenance tools below.

Maintenance tools
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