A Vast Array Of Swimming Pool Accessories

Our choice of accessories can transform your swimming pool into the ultimate relaxation spot in your home.



Transform your pool into a hot tub thanks to these hydrotherapy jets designed to present you with the ultimate relaxing experience.


Create vigorous water jets in your swimming pool for a ripple effect. These jets can be used to either skim the water’s surface or to create gentle waves.



For a better distribution of bacteria-combating chemicals, choose one of the swimming pool filters at our Mosta-based store.

Swimming Pool Equipment

From Spa products to safety lighting, at Poseidon Pools we have it all.

LED Lighting

Lighting is essential in any pool not just for the wondrous effect it creates at night, but also for safety reasons. We hold a choice of white or coloured LED lights.


Our choice of swimming pool pumps are ideal for a number of needs. Some can be used for cleaning purposes while others are designed to offer you a relaxing spa effect.

Spa Products

From handrails to self-cleaning systems and hydro massage jts, our spa products will offer you the ultimate experience when it comes to swimming spa solutions.

Cleaning Accessories

Keep your swimming pool squeaky clean with our range of cleaning solutions.

Telescopic Poles

These poles are used in conjunction with brushes and nets in order to reach difficult places with ease.

Pool Brushes

Our selection of pool brushes is designed to help you clean the walls of your swimming pool thoroughly.

Pool Nets

These nets are mainly used to collect debris, leaves or insects from your pool’s surface.

Our Brands

We offer you a wide array of internationally acclaimed brands